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Accounting and Financial Affairs
  • Financial Consultancy

  • System installation and inspection

  • Preparation of statutory declarations

  • Personnel follow-up and reporting

  • Keeping books of account in accordance with Turkish tax legislation and reporting thereof.

  • Reports of determination of capital increase

  • Transactions with regard to establishment of any company, branch or liaison office to be established by foreign investors in Turkey, preparation of consent certificates in relation thereto, and rendering consultancy service for obtaining the same.

  • Taxation of Real Persons and Tax Planning of Foreign National Personnel

  • General informing and consultancy with regard to Basic Turkish Tax Laws

  • Technical informing and consultancy for circumstances where specific solutions are required, according to activities of each company, for any changes in the financial legislation

  • Dealing with duly replying to official letters such as inquiry letter, warning letter etc. from the Tax Office, and technical support and consultancy for determination of the ways to be followed

  • In case of hesitation, technical support and consultancy for requesting written explanation from the Tax Office (writ of incurred expenses/advance ruling)

  • Tax Planning

  • Internal audit, organization restructuring and development,

  • Restructuring existing account systems of enterprise according to General Communiqué on Accounting System Application,

  • Establishment of financial analysis and reporting systems

  • Applications and consultancy regarding Foreign Capital and Exchange Regulations

  • Investment and incentive consultancy

  • Domestic and foreign management reporting.

  • Establishment of Liaison Offices and consultancy in relation thereto.

  • Rendering consultancy services with regard to issues of companies or partnerships which are required to be established for national and international projects

  • Free Trade Zone applications,

  • Consultancy for international tax agreements

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